Straw used as a sustainable building material

The current way of building consumes a lot of energy and natural resources. Building with pressed straw according to the concept of Straw Blocks Systems B.V. is one of the most interesting and green alternatives for conventional (straw) building. Straw is a relatively inexpensive residue with fantastic values with regard to isolation and sound reduction. It is a cradle to cradle product that is also renewable. The energy demand is minimal during the production, as well as during the processing, the use of the building, and the potential demolition. Besides the abovementioned benefits, these are the extra advantages Straw Blocks Systems is able to offer you:
• Constructions on the inside of the straw wall, which means no thermal bridges or material stress-strains that are worth mentioning.
• Form and size holding precision blocks, these blocks with groove and tongue or solely tongues result in extremely flat walls.
• Very little crack formation, so the chances of any leakage in the isolation are zero. Because of this, we use less material (loam) to finish off the flat walls.
• Because the blocks with groove and tongue are assembled into joint blocks, it results into a very stable and strong wall construction.
• Through the application of blocks with tongues we can create space within the wall, so it becomes easy to incorporate pipeworks.
• By producing and processing efficiently, we are able to keep the costs of our work low and the quality of our final product high.
• It saves up to 20% compared to traditional straw building.

Healthy living

The damp open structure of the material results in a breathing effect, so a natural and healthy living climate will be developed. This will have a positive influence on your wellbeing and will result in a maximum living comfort.

Effective sustainability with maximum living comfort ánd very cost-efficient!