The straw blocks

Our machines produce profiled precision blocks from pressed straw. The profile consists of a tongue and groove in order to create joint blocks. Because of this, it is possible to produce flat, strong and stable walls from pressed straw with a minimum of (relatively expensive) construction elements. Due to the fact that the blocks fit perfectly, no noteworthy thermal bridges or material stress-strains will arise, which is also why there is a zero chance of leakage in the isolation. Besides blocks with tongue and groove, we can also produce blocks with solely grooves. With these blocks, we can create space within the wall for potential incorporations of pipeworks or construction parts. The standard size is 40 x 40 cm (h x w). The length depends on the use or the wishes of the project's promoter and can vary from 40 to 120 cm. The density is 125 kg/m3, so the blocks are a bit stronger and harder than straw bundles. There is a wide range of forms and measurements, so we can produce every desired building without any adjustments to the blocks. For example, we make trapezium formed blocks for domed roof constructions. The form of these blocks make other construction materials dispensable. Pure straw with only ropes around it, just like a straw bundle.

The building elements

The building elements are composed of pressed straw blocks. Construction parts of wood or other materials are on the outside or in the middle of the element, which depends on the use. We make elements for corner, wall, floor and roof solutions in various measurements, with a standard thickness of 40 cm. This means that the building has a shell of 40 cm. pressed straw! The exterior of all our elements is provided by default with a layer of loam with a minimal thickness of 1 cm, which complies with the norms of fire delay. Because of this, the elements will also be dust free and slightly damp resistent. We can finish the building off with all sorts of material, such as wood, loam or other materials. Our blocks and elements are made in an efficient way and assembled into a complete building (shell of the house). Because of this, we can produce highly qualitative and inexpensive buildings.

Various prefab building elements can be produced from profiled straw blocks,
such as:
• Wall and corner elements
• Floor elements
• Roof elements
Our example building De Steltloper is an igloolike building. The domed roof is made of trapezium formed straw blocks, which make construction materials dispensable.