Cooperating with Straw Blocks Systems B.V. is possible in various ways

We rent out the machines through which the profiled blocks are being made. Our machines are rented out together with an operator, and technically qualified and internally educated staff. We can supply complete building elements for walls, floors, and roofs. We also supply the materials straw, loam, wood or, if you wish, other construction materials.

Our complete building De Steltloper (prototype) is an igloolike building. We want to build and produce this building systematically. It is a unique building without any fundation. This makes the building cost-efficient and it can also be placed directly on a ground level. The same building can also be build on poles. The underlying (dry) space can then be used as a storeroom, carport or something else.
It is also possible to combine two Steltlopers; one high, one low, connected to each other with stairs.


H.(Pim) Hondeveld
Diepenheimseweg 50
7275 AR Gelselaar
The Netherlands


Phone number
+31 (0)6 130 39 844

View the Steltloper
If you want to view the Steltloper (at the address above), please make an appointment first.